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The massage is practiced especially by using the fingers, the hands, but also the feet, the elbows and even the knees. According to the technique used, the operations can be applied to all of the body or only one part (such as the skin, the muscles, the tendons and the ligaments as well as specific points located along the meridian lines).


Eastern techniques are based on the energy principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, like the Tui Na massage, the acupressure, the shiatsu and the reflexology.


   75 dollars 1 hr              45 dollars 30 min


Acupressure is an old technique of Chinese cure, which is similar to acupuncture, but without needles.This technique consists in applying a pressure to specific points of the body to relieve the pain or blockings. Acupressure is a science which treats the human body along the 12 major meridian lines also called conduits of energy flow or chi. A pressure is applied on points to correct blockings or imbalances in these conduits and to restore the natural balance of the body.


75 dollars 1 hr          45 dollars 30 min



Hot Stones Massage

This traditional practice with a new approach consists in heating basalt stones in a hot water bath where the temperature remains constant, in order to induce physiological effects of relaxation and detoxification. It’s important to control the temperature of the hot stones. The differences in the variation of temperatures can go from 8 to 10 degrees.


110 dollars 90 min


Reflexology is part of natural medicines. A touch applied to specific areas of the feet makes it possible to locate tensions and to restore the balance of the body in the corresponding zones. Reflexology stimulates the self-cure capacities of the body. It is a manual technique which has a global approach of the body. According to reflexologists and their clients, reflexology obviously makes it possible to relieve various disorders without medical treatment.


   75 dollars 1 hr         45 dollars 30 min


The application of the suction cups to cure daily pathologies is of great accuracy presently. The application of the suction cups brings fast and spectacular results in many various situations, the articular pathology being one of them. The function of the technique is made of two basic applications:


1. Cold suction cups: one carries out the vacuum in the suction cup pneumatic system.


2. Hot suction cups: one carries out the vacuum by using ignited cotton. This is the oldest but the most effective method.


45 dollars 30 min


Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Chinese nutrition science, Chinese pharmacopeia, Tui Na massage and energetic exercise. Based on an energetic and holistic approach, acupuncture acts on the Chi which circulates in the body by the way of the meridian lines. Needles are inserted into the surface of the skin and make it possible to stimulate points. These acupuncture specific points are located along the meridian lines and are useful to regularize the chi, and to act on the physiological functions and the corresponding organic functions.


75 dollars 1 hr             45 dollars 30 min

Qi Gong

The Qi Gong is a breathing exercise coming from the Taoist gymnastic of longevity. It helps to re-establish or restore balance among the “ENERGIES” of the different organs of the body. We can offer you Qi Gong practice.

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